File & polish - £10

Tidy up your nails with a file & polish

Basic manicure - £15

Treat your nails to some tlc and have your cuticles tidied up, before your nails are filed into shape and given a coat of polish.

Citrus Spa manicure - £20

The Creative Nail Design Citrus Spa manicure is like a "facial for the hands", combining natural aromatherapeutic ingredients, including vibrant orange oil and uplifting grapefruit oil, allowing your skin to glow with a youthful radiance.

For hands so beautiful, it's a shame they have to be used.

Your manicure starts with your cuticles being tidied up and filed into shape, before soaking in the cirtrus soak. Your hands are then exfoliated, as the hands endure a great deal of abuse and exposure to the elements, exfoliation reveals soft new skin. A crystal activator is then massaged into the skin to dissolve the exfoliation crystals, then the hands are placed into heated mitts to help absorb the products. The finishing lotion is then applied before your choice of polish is painted on.

Almond Spa Manicure - £25

The Creative Nail Design Almond Spa manicure is an indulgent collection of almond based products, used to moisturise, exfoliate and hydrate your hands throughout the manicure.

Your manicure starts as above with your cuticles being tidied up and nails filed. You will then have a hand soak in the almond milk bath, before your hands are exfoliated with the almond moisture scrub. Once the scrub has been removed, enjoy a hand and arm massage, before the almond illuminating hand mask is applied. Your hands will then be placed into the heated mitts to help absorb the mask. A rich intensive hand cream will follow, to deeply moisturise your hands, before your polish is applied.