File & Polish - £10

Tidy up your nails with a file & polish

Basic Pedicure - £15

Treat your nails to some tlc and have your cuticles tidied up, before your nails are filed into shape and given a coat of polish.

Earth Spa Pedicure - £20

The Creative Nail Design Earth Spa pedicure products are a collection of earth-derived pedicure products, filled with natural ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils, to moisturise, soothe and polish the skin.

Your pedicure will consist of a foot soak, cuticle tidy up and file, an exfoliation and foot mask. While your relax with the foot mask on your feet, they are placed into heated booties to help the skin absorb the products. Your pedicure is finished off with a lotion being massaged into the feet and lower legs and a polish of your choice is then applied.

Marine Spa Pedicure - £25

The Creative Nail Design Marine Spa pedicure products are laden with natural extracts from the ocean, that help soften the feet and soothe the soul.

Enjoy your pedicure, which starts with a foot soak in the sea soak crystals. The Pedicure has a double exfoliation process to ensure your feet are left soft, after which you can sit and relax while the marine mask is applied and your feet are placed into the heated booties. Once the mask is removed any hard callus are treated with a callus smoother and sea serum callus treatment product. The feet and lower legs are then massaged before a rich moisturiser cream is applied to the whole foot and a heel therapy cream is applied. The Pedicure is finished off with a polish of your choice being applied.