Nail Enhancments

The products used for your enhancements are products from Creative Nail Design (CND)

CND are industry leaders in the nail enhancement sector and work hard to ensure you receive the best products for your nail enhancements.
Their reputation within the industry for products, training and support is second to none, and their beautiful enhancements have graced the pages of many top magazines.

Creative's commitment to the care of the natural nail is fundamental to their success.

Creative Acrylic Glitter French Full Set - £40

Creative Acrylic Permanent French Full Set - £35

Creative Acrylic Natural Full Set - £30

Creative Acrylic Glitter French Rebalance - £30

Creative Acrylic French Rebalance Natural - £26

Infills (back growth filled in) - £24

Nail Overlay (Nail overlaid with acrylic) - £22

I have heard that acrylic enhancements can ruin your natural nail?

Many people believe that Acrylic Nail Enhancements will ruin your nails and that Gel Nail Enhancements are better for your nails than Acrylic.

This is simply not true.

Any nail enhancement, done incorrectly, can damage your natural nail, commonly caused by over-filing, over-buffing or incorrect removal of the enhancement, e.g. biting or picking off.

All nail enchancements are Acrylic based, but tend to be commonly known as Acrylic, Gels or Wraps.

What is commonly called Acrylic, is a Liquid & Powder enhancement, or L&P, which uses a Monomer (L) and a Polymer (P) to create the nail enhancement.

Some filing of the nail is required for all enhancements to get a good bond with your own nail bed, but this should be very light and simply remove the surface shine from your own nail. Recent improvements in the composition of all of the nail enhancement systems have proven to be kinder to the natural nail.

All nail systems have their own advantages, and it simply falls to a personal preference of the individual, as to which enhancement you would prefer on your own nail.