On-site massage

On-site massage is performed whilst you are fully clothed and seated in a specially designed chair.
The massage is great for relieving tension and stress, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.
The massage can take as little as ten minutes or up to 20 minutes which makes it a great massage to give your employees or to have in your lunch break.
No oils are used during this massage.

Please click here to view an article relating to a recent corporate day carried out on behalf of Eastern Airways in their departure lounge

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a popular treatment based on Ayurvedic techniques, involving work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.
Indian Head Massage is a great therapy if you suffer from the following conditions, and may help relieve their symptoms :- stress, tiredness, sinusitis, migraines & headaches.
This massage can last between 10 minutes and 25 minutes.

Hand or Foot Massage

Hand massage is great for those who spend all day typing on a keyboard. The massage will help stretch the muscles on the hand and arm, helping to relieve muscle tension. Alternatively a quick foot massage can help relieve the stresses of the day. Theses massages take around ten minutes to perform and are a great pick me up.