Why not choose to have a Tanning Party?

All we ask is that you have a minimum of three guests.

If you manage five guests or more for your party, the host will receive their spray tan for free.

The rate will be £15 per person.

I will supply wine for you and your guests to enjoy, which will be dependant on the number of guests who will be attending your party. The host will also receive a 50% off voucher for any treatment, if one of their guests books a follow up party, at the time of the party.

The voucher will be issued at the next tanning party, either in person if they are one of the guests, or will be mailed out to you if you are not one of the party guests.

All the equipment required for the tanning party is taken along with me, and a purpose designed tent is used to ensure privacy is maintained.

At Tender Touch Therapy we will not be embarrassed about carrying out your treatment, so do not miss out due to shyness.